We Honor Veterans
There are 939,069 Veterans in Pennsylvania. 
(Source: U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs)


One out of every four dying Americans is a Veteran. Veterans often carry experiences from  their service that present unique challenges, and unfortunately, many of them may not  know about or have access to hospice and palliative care. In an effort to address these  concerns and respond to the needs of Veterans, the Pennsylvania Hospice and Palliative  Care Network partners with National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the  Department of Veterans Affairs in a program called, We Honor Veterans and participates  through the Hospice Veterans Partnership(HVP).

The mission of HVP is to establish an enduring network of hospice and VA professionals,  Veterans, volunteers, and other interested organizations working together to provide quality  services through the end of life for Veterans.
The purpose of HVP is to provide leadership, technical assistance, and program development recommendations aimed at:

  • Improving Veterans’ access to hospice and palliative care across all sites and levels of care to assure that every Veteran is able to receive hospice care at the time and place of need
  • Strengthening the relationships between community hospice and VA facilities
  • Initiating comprehensive end-of-life community engagement plans designed to reach Veterans
For further information please visit We Honor Veterans